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The Wedding



14 October 2023

Main photo - Nelson & Shuan

Nelson & Shuan


Copper Mansion USJ

Cocktails & Photo session

6 pm 

Wedding Reception

7 pm

Dress code:

Black tie / Formal


Copper Mansion USJ

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The groom smiles proudly because
he's convinced he has accomplished
something quite wonderful.
The bride smiles because she is
able to convince him of it.

Story Image - Crystal bay wave

This Is Us

Nelson & Shuan tree house
Crystal bay beach walk
Nelson & Shuan - Kelingking beach
diamond beach on rock
The Wedding of 
Nelson Chuah &  Wong Chui Shuan
Together with our parents,

Dato' Matthew Chuah Wan Hui 
Datin Monica Chan Seow Min

Mr Wong Fui Min  

Mdm Jenny Sim Chen Choo

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